Collision Repair

Unibody Repair

All Car Collision is committed to completing all vehicle unibody repair jobs with the highest level of precision. Our unibody frame repair services will soon have you and your vehicle back on the road driving as efficiently and safely as before. Our hard-working vehicle unibody repair technicians take every care to detect and fix all obvious and hidden damages. When you need quality unibody frame repair that allows you to drive again with full confidence, our vehicle unibody repair shop is just the place for you.

Frame Straightening

While some damage to your car or truck only occurs to the body of the vehicle sometimes the damage is more extensive. If the inner frame of the car is in need of repair, then frame straightening is necessary to get your car or truck back in working order. This kind of damage happens in almost half of all accidents, so frame machines are an important piece of equipment in body shops. Our auto body frame machine is used to restore the frame to its original shape using hydraulics and torque that humans simply can’t do.

Paint Color Matching

All Car Collison has a full-service automotive painting facility on-site. Our facility houses various paint lines from urethane, base coat/clear coat factory match paint, industrial grade heavy equipment paint, and more. We also house our own mixing room to provide endless color options and superior paint matching capabilities. All Car Collision offers all paint prep services, such as rust removal, stripping, fixing surface peeling/cracking, and more.

Glass & Windshield Replacement

All Car Collision’s windshield repair is designed to stop rock impact damage from spreading. During a windshield repair, the impact in the glass is filled with a resin that seals out moisture and creates a new bond to strengthen the glass. Windshield Repair is an economical way to extend the life of your windshield and is often times covered by your insurance company at no cost to you. If the windshield needs to be replaced, our technicians are trained to install the new windshield quickly and efficiently.

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